Louisville Forum Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who is eligible to join?

A. Forum membership is open to everyone.



Q. Does the Louisville Forum have a particular political stance?
A. No, the Forum is strictly nonpartisan and never takes a position on issues.



Q. What sort of people join the Forum?
A. The Forum draws its members from the broader community. Most members have special interest in current events, the political process and civic involvement.



Q. Do I need a sponsor to join?
A. No. You may simply contact the Forum by telephone or talk with any Board member or officer.



Q. Are meetings open to the public?
A. Yes, but every attendee must pay the registration fee. To provide a correct luncheon count for Vincenzo’s, those who wish to attend must contact the Forum by noon on Monday prior to the monthly meeting. Luncheon meetings are typically held on the second Wednesday of each month.



Q. May I ask questions at the Forum meetings?
A. Yes. Question forms are provided on the table at each luncheon. Members and guests are asked to write out their questions which then will be read to the program participants by Forum Board members.



Q. How long do the meetings last?
A. Registration opens at 11:45 a.m. The meetings begin promptly at noon and every effort is made to adjourn by 1 p.m.



Q. Are there networking opportunities in connection with Forum programs?
A. Yes. There is time before each program for members and guests to become acquainted. Members and guests are provided name badges, and guests typically either introduce themselves or are introduced by their hosts before the formal program begins.



Q. What if I have special dietary needs?
A. Vincenzo’s works with us to provide vegetarian, vegan, Atkins, and non-dairy meals or other special meal needs. Leave your request with your reservation and we will coordinate your needs with the chef.



Q. Is Vincenzo’s Restaurant handicap-accessible?
A. Yes