Board of Directors

The Louisville Forum is managed by a 16-member Board of Directors. Elections are held at the Forum’s Annual Meeting, and each director sits for a two-year term with the possibility of re-election to two additional terms. Board members elect the officers of the Forum.


2018-2019 Officers:

  • Tom Van De Rostyne, President
  • Stacey Huff, Vice President
  • Keith Larson, Secretary
  • Stacey Huff, Treasurer



  • Lisa Ammon, Masonic Homes of Kentucky
  • Joseph Arnold, Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives, Inc.
  • Greg Condra, Condra Law Firm, PLLC
  • Jordan Harris, Pegasus Institute
  • Dan Hartlage, Guthrie Mayes
  • Stacey Huff, Klump & Blandford, PSC
  • Scott Jennings, RunSwitch PR
  • Toni Konz-Tatman, Jefferson County Public Schools 
  • Keith Larson, Seiller Waterman LLC
  • Joseph F. Marks, Real Estate Appraiser
  • Jim Shake, Retired Judges & Associates Mediation & Arbitration Services Inc.
  • Tom Van De Rostyne, Assistant Attorney General
  • Iris Wilbur, Greater Louisville, Inc.